Fero International


We offer disaster relief solutions without limits for pandemics, epidemics, natural disasters, man made disasters and various other crises. We have management personnel with 30+ years of experience in manufacturing, construction, infrastructure, development, medicine and long-term care.

We are a cross-sector collaboration that creates hard-shell scalable modular infrastructure using breakthrough technologies that support:


FERO’s hard-shell modular infrastructure is a revolutionary product.

Exterior Material

Rugged hard-shelled exterior allows for stockpiling and long term use with minimal wear and tear.


Independent HVAC units for each individual room to ensure no cross-contamination between units.. HVAC contains dehumidification to ensure no mold can grow. Rugged units are insulated, heated and cooled to meet all Canadian weather fluctuations and extremes including strong winds and snow storms.


Pressure can be changed from negative to positive with the flick of a switch. Negative pressure in each room decreases viral load to protect residents and staff.  Positive pressure allows rooms to be used as operating spaces. Different rooms within a unit can have different pressures at the same time.


Medical grade seamless finishes, including a proprietary wall system, ensure that the units can be cleaned with any disinfecting product with no wear and tear.


Units can be installed and operational within days of delivery, unaffected by weather conditions. FERO’s modular units can be added and removed (on a bed by bed basis) with ease to allow for scaling up and down in crisis situations at multiple locations.


To promote healing and mental well-being of residents, windows allowing for natural daylight are installed as required by legislative standards. All room lighting is LED and on dimmers.


Electrical outlets operate on independent circuit breakers, removing any risk of overloading any one outlet. Backup power supply ensures continuous power.


FERO units meet all applicable government regulatory requirements and medical standards.


Each unit of the FERO solution is serviced from the exterior so that no service personnel ever enters a resident room.


Wireless communications systems for patients and front-line staff to communicate with patient families as well as remote medical professional access to patients with sophisticated video and audio monitoring capability available from anywhere.


All units are fire retardant and flash points for components are over 2000 degrees.


Units can connect to site water, power and medical gases or be completely self-contained.