The Challenge

Short Term Challenges

Isolating COVID-19 Patients

With significant waiting lists and pre-existing bed shortages, the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated problems existing in long term care facilities for years.  The lack of beds has made it impossible to isolate COVID-positive patients in homes thereby resulting in outbreaks meaning that our most vulnerable populations are not safe.

Reducing Outbreaks

Since the outbreak of COIVD-19, we have learned about the unfortunate reality which exists at many long term care homes that has been exposed by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). The CAF report outlines instances in which equipment was used on infected and non-infected patients without disinfection, as well as a complete disregard for cleanliness.

Family Member Visitation

In order to reduce outbreaks in homes, officials have created policies such as limiting visitors, including close family members.  This has created strain on families but more importantly it has left residents, sometimes at their most vulnerable and weakest times or hour of death, completely alone.

Long Term Challenges

Bed Shortages

People are growing older and living longer and bed shortages at long-term care facilities are leaving more and more elderly patients in hospitals hospital occupying ALC beds with no place to go.  In fact, there are over 37,000 people in Ontario alone waiting for a long term care bed.

Renovating Existing Buildings to Meet Legislation

With our aging population, long term care can no longer be ignored.  Both pre and post COVID, standards of care are evolving and changing.  In order to re-create safe spaces, long term care facilities will need to be renovated, resulting in a further decrease of beds during the renovation period. Residents will have to be relocated to ensure work can be completed safely and properly.

Staff Shortages

Long term care facilities were already facing staff shortages pre-COVID. The COVID-19 pandemic tipped the homes that were having difficulties with staffing already over the edge especially when most caregivers were prevented from working at multiple homes.  Lack of staff at long term homes is an ongoing problem that requires attention.

Long Term Care Layout

The Solution

FERO Can Help

Pressurized Mobile Units with Individual HVAC

FERO’s units significantly reduce the risk of a COVID-positive patient infecting other patients within the same long term care facility.  Each resident room is negatively pressurized and contains its own HVAC unit to ensure that no air flows between rooms.  In other words, as there is no central HVAC system in the FERO solution, droplet and airborne particles cannot spread unimpeded throughout an entire facility.  In addition, each HVAC unit is serviced from an exterior door so that no service personnel are ever required to enter a resident room.

Rapidly Scalable

FERO units work like building blocks.  The units are modular so rooms can be added and removed (on a bed by bed basis) with ease to allow for scaling up and down in crisis situations at multiple locations.  Units can also be deployed and installed within days and then stored or stockpiled and redeployed and made operational again within days of request in whatever size and configuration required.

Finishes Created for Infection Control

All finishes have been designed with infection control in mind.  The proprietary wall system within the units is seamless and made from metal resulting in a mold resistant solution that is durable and easily cleaned and disinfected.


The Benefits

How FERO is Different

Durable and Customizable

FERO’s rugged hard-shelled exterior allows for stockpiling and long term use with minimal wear and tear.  FERO’s hard shell also allows for limitless customizations and endless configurations, such as number of beds, footprints, other rooms or features as requested on a customer by customer basis.

Staffing Help

Alongside FERO’s revolutionary mobile infrastructure, FERO provides flexible staffing solutions in a similar manner.  FERO is able to mobilize quickly to provide highly trained and highly skilled staff on short notice for crisis situations or on a more permanent basis.

Built Around the Family and Patient

FERO’s builds proprietary mobile infrastructure around patient and family needs. To promote healing and mental well-being of residents, windows allow for natural daylight are installed as required by legislative standards.  These windows also allow for in-person family visitation possible for isolated patients through the large privacy transition glass windows.  In addition, wireless communications systems have been installed for patients and front-line staff to communicate with patient families as well as for remote medical professional access to patients through sophisticated video and audio monitoring capability available from anywhere.

Fero Revera Long Term Care Field Hospital 05