Who is FERO?

FERO is a cross-sector collaboration that believes in SOLUTIONS WITHOUT LIMITS.  We bring decades of experience and expertise together from construction, healthcare, manufacturing, infrastructure, development, and government to realize our shared vision of scalable mobile infrastructure facilities and other disaster relief solutions.


What Does FERO Do?

We collaborate with healthcare professionals, stakeholders and other sectors to develop customizable units for our clients’ unique needs. We provide full-service solutions in a flexible and reliable manner – we create, we sell or lease, we install and assemble, we service and troubleshoot, we disassemble, we staff, and we store and stockpile. Our 130,000 sq ft of manufacturing space at two locations, allows us to produce our mobile units and distribute them on demand.


The COVID-19 pandemic has created a rapidly changing world, including the need for new standards to make social settings safe.  As the pandemic evolves, we are learning about the need for cleaner indoor air, safe spaces that assist with infection control and reduce cross-contamination and spaces that allow for isolate illness but not isolating family.  FERO’s hard-shell pressurized mobile units can be used to address a range of evolving needs that many indoor spaces may face such as:

  • Hospital Solutions
  • Long Term Care Solutions
  • School Solutions
  • Testing Solutions
  • Correctional Facility Solutions
  • Backyard Housing Isolation Solutions
  • Government Quarantine Sites of COVID-19


Beyond COVD-19, FERO has other solutions to address lack of infrastructure, natural disasters, manmade disasters and more.

Our infrastructure solutions include:

  • Indigenous Community Solutions
  • Military Solutions
  • Social Housing Solutions
  • Safe Injections Solutions
  • Oil and Gas Solutions
  • Infrastructure Solutions

Our disaster relief solutions include:

  • Safe Shelters Solutions for natural or manmade disaster events
  • Wildfire Solutions
  • Mass Power Failure Solutions
  • Portable Clean Water Solutions
  • Remote Lighting Solutions
  • Rapid Hospital Expansion in the event of mass casualty events or natural disasters
  • Infrastructure expansion to assist NGO's in life saving work